The following services are available to our clients:

• Statutory Audits
• Special Audits and Reports
• Taxation Services

Statutory Audits

Audits of annual accounts of companies in compliance with the Companies Ordinance and other legislations. Advice to clients on a full range of accounting and auditing matters. Advice to company directors on their statutory obligations and responsibilities.

Special Audits and Reports

Investigations into irregularities and making recommendations to clients, special reports for specific purposes, e.g. Valuation of companies and operational assessments.

Taxation Services

Acting as clients' tax representatives, preparation and filing of tax returns. Tax planning and advice on tax matters for companies and individuals to minimize their tax liabilities legally.Stamp Duty planning. Assistance in handling IRD enquiries, tax field audits, tax investigation and appeals. Preparation and filing of Property Tax Returns and application for Personal Assessment.
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